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Kentucky Wesleyan College

General Information
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**This institution has been identified, as defined in 16 KAR 5:010 Section 24, as an institution that is 'null.'**

About the Preparation Program*
Kentucky Wesleyan College is a private, co-educational college that prepares leaders for the future through a coordinated and integrated program of liberal arts education. In keeping with the mission of the college the KWC Teacher Education Program has adopted the following Mission Statement: The mission of the Kentucky Wesleyan College Teacher Education Program is to provide students with standards-based experiences to develop skills, dispositions, and knowledge that enable them to become successful teachers. The vision of the unit derives from this mission and is : Kentucky Wesleyan College Teacher Education Department will continue to model best practice in teacher education and strive to encourage candidates to become lifelong learners and knowledgeable practitioners as they serve in the education community. Our coordinated efforts are dedicated to providing a program that develops teachers who demonstrate: * the ability to solve problems critically, logically and creatively; * the ability to design instruction appropriate for individual students; * the ability to communicate with multiple publics; * a commitment to ongoing personal and professional growth; * an enthusiasm for their chosen profession; * leadership/management skills; and * proficiency in content area(s).

Designated Head of Educator Preparation Program
   Martha O'Bryan
   3000 Frederica Street
   Owensboro, KY 42301
   Phone: (270) 852-3231   Fax :(270) 926-3196

Current Accreditation Status:
   State Accreditation:Continuing accreditation
   Granted : Aug, 2013
Quality Performance Indicator:
Quality Performance Index: Unavailable until further notice On May 14, 2007 the Education Professional Standards Board appointed the Educator Preparation Program Quality Measurement Committee to review the accountability measure(s) of educator preparation programs. On June 18, 2007, based on a recommendation from this committee, the EPSB voted in favor of waiving the QPI portion of the KEPP report card.

For details see: Click here.

The Educator Preparation Program Quality Measurement Committee will continue to meet on a regular basis in order to assist the EPSB staff in identifying effective program quality assessment measures. Once developed and implemented, the new measures will replace the QPI portion of KEPP report card.
Next Scheduled Accreditation Visit:
    Fall 2019

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*To facillitate understanding, the report card uses the term "program" instead of the accreditation term "unit". For purposes of the report card, the two terms are synonymous, with "program" referring to ALL of the individual education programs offered by an institution or agency.