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Step 1: Disclaimer

This application provides Kentucky educators assistance in defining "highly qualified" teachers under the federal No Child Left Behind (NCLB) legislation as applied to the certification regulations of the Education Professional Standards Board (EPSB). The application interprets information supplied by the user to determine whether an individual meets the requirements for being a "highly qualified" teacher. Once "highly qualified" teacher status is determined, the form should be printed and filed in the school district.

This application provides a service for the user; however, it does not check information entered against EPSB's certification database. Therefore, results are entirely dependent on the accuracy of the information supplied by the user. Entering inaccurate information will result in false results.

Whether a teacher meets the requirements for being "highly qualified" as defined in the NCLB is subject to federal audit. If this application determines, based on the information submitted, that a teacher is "highly qualified," the teacher or district should be prepared to document the accuracy of the information supplied in making the determination.

Information submitted for individual teachers will not be stored in the application. If a change occurs in a teacher's certification status, it will be necessary to reenter information in the application.

Use of the HOUSSE process (Step 5 of the HOUSSE Calculator) to determine Highly Qualified Teacher status is restricted to only those teachers who are not new to the profession. Kentucky public school teachers who hold a "provisional internship certificate" or a "temporary provisional certificate" and do not hold a base certificate in another teaching area are considered "new to the profession." All other teachers are considered "not new to the profession."

I have read and understand the disclaimer