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    The reports included in this section provide information on each institution's selectivity of candidates, the performance of candidates on required new teacher assessments, the percent of candidates who achieve full certification in Kentucky, and the results of surveys of candidates and their supervisors regarding the effectiveness of the candidate's preparation.
Below are the list of Reports under Program Performance:
CategoryDescriptionData SourceReport TypeAction
Retention The report contains analysis for the 2006-2007 through the 2017-2018 in three year cohorts of initial teacher preparation program completers by IHE, crossed referenced against the Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board Teacher Certification database to see those that received a Statement of Eligibility, Provisional and Professional Certificates. Educator Preparation Institutions Admission and Exit Reports and Teacher Certification Database Table Go
 Admissions The report contains the analysis of the Average GPA, Average PPST scores for Math, Writing and Reading for the 2006-2007 through the 2017-2018 cohorts of students admitted to an initial teacher preparation program. Educator Preparation Institution's Admission and Exit Reports. Table Go
 Top 25% and First Time Pass Rates This report shows the pass rates and top 25% and first time pass rates for candidates that have completed a initial teacher preparation program between September 1, 2006 and August 31, 2018. Educator Preparation Institutions Admission and Exit Reports, Teacher Certification Database, and Education Testing Services National Percentile datasets Table Go
 Title II Program Completers Assessments Pass Rates The examination pass rates for each college are reported to EPSB by the Education Testing Service (ETS). The data is collected by the Division of Educator Preparation as required by the Federal Title II programs. Counts and percentage summary of the assessment data are provided by ETS. Table Go
 Survey of New Teachers Results The focus of the survey is to ascertain how well new teachers and their supervising teachers believe the new teachers were prepared to teach in Kentucky schools. KEPP Report Card Report Go